Do you ever browse a book shelf and look at a cover, title and author and know you’ve read it, but can’t remember the story? Booknesia.

It is a condition a good reader recognizes as the limited power of the book’s narrative. Forgettable.

Booknesia is not as common as bagnesia. That’s when you leave the bought-and-paid-for grocery bags in the car and only realize it at the checkout counter when you are asked the obvious question.

“Paper or plastic?”

Now that’s the question for books, too. Paper or plastic? Pulp printed hardcopies of text or downloaded to your Kindle?

 I like paper bags and I reuse paper bags to recyle paper. Now I have to have plastic bags because I am a dog owner with a leash law and a pick-up-your-own-pet’s-poo policy in my neighborhood.

So when the clerk asks me whether I want paper or plastic, I experience episodes of bagzeimers. I can’t remember which kind of bag I need more of at home. I’m getting old.

Don’t try telling me that’s the reason I don’t remember the plots of books I’ve already read. I’m not that old.

Booknesia may leave you at the front desk of your public library in a similar daze. Haven’t I already read this?


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