The Weston Fall 1807

“Darkness clung to the early morning sky of December 14, 1807, as Judge Nathan Wheeler set about on his morning stroll. He walked his land every day, finding refuge in the quiet spirit of his Weston, Connecticut, farm.

“Suddenly the heavens above Wheeler’s farm exploded as a fireball raced across the onyx sky. Everything lit up–his home, his barns, the trees, the blue stone walls…..This abrupt incursion of a luminous object rocked Wheeler’s world. Perhaps, just for a moment, he thought a star had come loose and hurled itself across the heavens, bent upon destruction, according to some myth or legend.”

So begins Chapter One of Cathryn Prince’s new book I reviewed more than a week ago. She has a fascinating website you may like.

The Weston Fall 1807, Folk art painting (Private collection)


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