Bookplug is a blog about books that are worth so much more than the paper they are printed on. This blog is a celebration of content: ideas, stories, meaning. The death of the book has been announced prematurely by publishers who simply don’t know how to sell books anymore. Wherever I go I hear things like, “I’m addicted to reading,” “I always have a book handy,” and “My secret pleasure is a mystery/romance/memoir/history/fill-in-the-blank book.” 

People read more than ever. Most of what they read is now on a screen. The hunger for a good book grows with the daily drivel of text appearing before one’s eyeballs. There is something special about holding a book in your hand, turning its pages, diving deep into content and getting lost inside its covers.  

Bookplug plugs books. This blog is written by Jill Swenson and reflects her reading habits, critical thinking skills and wacky sense of humor. Jill does not receive any compensation for what appears here from any publishers or authors.

Jill Dianne Swenson, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1989) is a freelance book development editor who enjoys reading for pleasure. Jill lives in Brooktondale, New York, with her two Dalmatian dogs. Jill also owns and operates On Warren Pond Farm & Seed Co., specializing in local, hand-harvested, untreated, open-pollinated heirloom flower and culinary herb seeds for the kitchen gardener and backyard farmer [www.onwarrenpondfarm.com].


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