Jill Swenson


P.O. Box 222

Brooktondale, NY 14817



The University of Chicago, The Committee on Human Development, Ph.D., 1989.  “TV News Viewers: Making Meaning out of Iran Contra.”

The University of Chicago, Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, M.A., 1981. “The Impact of Western Development on Gender Relations in Saudi Arabia.”

Lawrence University, Psychology Major, Appleton, WI, B.A. 1980.


Freelance Writer, Editor and Publishing Consultant, 2006-present.

Owner, On Warren Pond Farm & Seed Co, 1998-present.

Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies, Park School of Communications, Ithaca College, 1992-2002. Tenured in 1997.

Assistant Professor, Henry Grady School of Journalism, University of Georgia-Athens, 1988-1992.


“Farm Fresh Beans,” Small Farm Quarterly, October, 2010.

“A New Kind of Old Fashioned Seed Company,” Small Farm Quarterly, July, 2010.

“Berry Bounty,” July 3, 2010, The Ithaca Post (www.theithacapost.com)

“Violets are a Girl’s Best Friend,” May 26, 2010, The Ithaca Post (www.theithacapost.com).

“Are You a Daylighter?” Small Farm Quarterly, April 5, 2010, p. 17.

“I’ve Got a Steak in That!” Back Home Magazine, No. 105, Mar/Apr 2010, p. 56-57.

“Become a Daylighter,” Back Home Magazine, No. 104, Jan/Feb 2010, p. 44-45.

“Rosehips Brighten the Winter,” Back Home Magazine, No. 103, Nov/Dec 2009, p. 33.

“On Warren Pond Farm,” Small Farm Quarterly, July 5, 2009, p. 14.


  • Monthly columnist on wildcrafting for The Ithaca Post (www.theithacapost.com)
  • Regular contributor to Small Farm Quarterly and Back Home Magazine
  • Manuscript reviewer for Berrett Koehler Publishing
  • Editor, World and Community Desk, Small Farm Quarterly
  • Blogger (www.onwarrenpondfarm.com; www.jillybooks.wordpress)
  • As The Author’s Advocate sold three manuscripts to publishers since January 2010; negotiating a fourth; acquired seven new clients in 2010 – includes coaching, for two of these clients, to help fulfill their contracts with trade publishers; and client Betsy Krieg Salm’s new book received rave reviews in The New York Times. (www.nytimes.com/2010/03/05/arts/design/05antiques.html)


Payne, Matthew D., Jill Swenson and Thomas W. Bohn, “USA,”  in Ingrid Volkmer (Ed.), News in Public Memory: An International Study of Media Memories Across Generations, Peter Lang Publishers, 2006, p. 177-193.

Swenson, Jill D., “Education Indicator,” Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators, Calvert Group, March 2000.

Priest, Patricia J., Cindy Jenefsky and Jill D. Swenson, “Phallocentric Slicing: 20/20’s Reporting of Lorena and John Bobbitt,” in No Angels: Women Who Commit Violence, Alice Myers and Sarah Wight (Eds.), Pandora Press, 1996, p. 101-112.

Swenson, Jill D. “African-Americans and Advertising: Race and Representation in U.S. History.” Communication Quarterly 43:3 (Summer 1996): 395-403.

Swenson, Jill Dianne, “Narrative, Gender and TV News: Comparing Network and Tabloid Stories,” in Women on Ice: Feminist Essays on the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Spectacle, Cynthia Baughman (Ed.), Routledge, 1995, p. 177-193.

Swenson, Jill Dianne, “Rodney King, Reginald Denny, and TV News: The Cultural (Re-)Construction of Racism,” Journal of Communication Inquiry 12:1 (Spring 1995): 75-88.

Kleiber, Pamela B., Margaret E. Holt, and Jill Dianne Swenson, The Electronic Forum Handbook: Study Circles in Cyberspace, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Civic Practices Network, 1995.

Griswold, W.F., and Swenson, J.D., “Not in whose backyard? The ethics of reporting environmental issues.” Mass Communication Review, 1993, 20(1-2): 62-75.

Swenson, J.D., and W. F. Griswold, “Reporting Race Relations as Development News: Case Studies in Rural Georgia,” Howard Journal of Communications Volume 4, Issue 4 (Summer 1993): 358-368.

Griswold, William J., and Jill D. Swenson, “Development News in Rural Georgia Newspapers: A Comparison with Media in Developing Nations,” Journalism Quarterly (1992) 69 (3): 580-590.

 Bennett, E. M., J. D. Swenson and J. S. Wilkinson,“Is the medium the message? An experimental test with morbid news.” Journalism Quarterly, (1992) 69: 921-928.

Swenson, Jill D., William F. Griswold and Pamela B. Kleiber, “Focus Groups: Method of Inquiry/Intervention,” Small Group Research, Vol. 23, No. 4 (1992): 459-474.

Kreshel, Peggy J., and Jill D. Swenson, “Sunburst Orange Juice,” in Cases in Advertising Management, Terence Nevett, ed., (Lincolnwood, IL: NTC books, 1992), p. 111-119.

Swenson, Jill Diane, “Martyrdom: Mytho-Cathexis and the Mobilization of the Masses in the Iranian Revolution,” Ethos, Vol. 13, No. 2 (1985).


Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Leadership Institute

Civic Practices Network

Harper Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago

Johnson Prize, University of Chicago

Kaltenborn Foundation

Kellogg Foundation

Kettering Foundation

Lilly Teaching Fellow

National Issues Forum/Public Agenda

Park Foundation

Poynter Institute



2 responses to “Jill Swenson

  1. Thank you for the lovely comments about my writing, I appreciate them- and glad you liked the book- Heather

    • What a compliment to have you read and reply! Thoroughly enjoyed the book and now I feel like I belong in your Alaskan village. Especially since I took a bad fall on the ice this Sunday morning and broke my right wrist; the suppport of neighbors is something real to appreciate. Hope you’re working on a new book…until then I really enjoy your Facebook updates. What I really love are the obits you write!

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